11 Hamilton café is inspired to rekindle human connections with passion, love and commitment. To rediscover life’s beautiful meaning and to uphold values that matters.

Doing all things with love is our pride & our belief. From freshly-baked cakes, wholesome food to a curated event venue, we invite you to experience 11 Hamilton that celebrates our passion, love and commitment in life.


Heart of Excellence
We strive for the highest professional standards in our work and aim to be the best in everything we do.

Embracing Change
Understanding that change is a part of growth & taking a positive attitude towards improvement.

Appreciation for all
Being appreciative unlocks the fullness of life. It makes us feel brighter, lighter, happier, more inspired, energized and loved.

To provide what was promised, dependably and accurately

We do all things with love, from our heart. The small things matter & we go the extra mile to exceed expectations.


Our menu was lovingly and masterfully created by Head Chef Hanafee, who had the honour of working with Michelin Star chef Nandu Jubany previously. Like what you see on the menu? Trust us, you will be surprised by the quality and creativity of the dish once it’s served to your table. Even we can’t get enough of the food!


Our space features a balance of cozy vibes and up-town touches, to give you an atmosphere for just about any occasion. We take pride in all elements including a specially curated playlist, setting the mood for you to have the best time here.